Temporary Address Request


Please Note:

If you need a temporary address in the cities of Troy or Brundidge, they are available only in the Block Addressing areas.

All form Items marked * are required

Name of applicant for the temporary address
Applicant's Primary Phone
Enter an alternate phone number if desired
Will you use a contractor for the location?
Your Contractor's Name
Contractor's Phone Number
Address Location
Enter the Road or Street name that will be used for this address
Enter the PIN if known
Enter the two addresses along this road on either
side of your property.
What is the address of the other structure(s) on this driveway?
Is there a structure present where you are requesting the address?
What is the address of the existing structure if one is present
Site / Building Approval & Constructions Plans
Select one or more as applies to your request
You must provide a site and building plan to receive a temporary address. You may attach a PDF, JPG, PNG, or CAD drawing compatible with ESRI ArcGIS
Files must be less than 6 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png pdf.
If your project will be completed in phases - please describe
If there is anything else that might help with this request, enter it below.


  • A temporary address is not considered permanent and can change at any time the 9-1-1 Office deems necessary. 
  • A temporary address is only valid for 3 months.
  • Pike County 9-1-1 staff strives to have an address assigned within ten business days from receiving the request. However due to several factors such as address discrepancies, private drive naming, or staffing levels, that goal is not always met.
  • If a building or site plan has been changed in any way since submission, an updated site and building plan must be submitted along with a new temporary address request form.

By your acknowledgment below you indicate you have read and understand everything listed above and that the information you have submitted is true and accurate to your knowledge.