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Be the faceless voice on the phone, thankless and unknown, at every hour of every day.
Be the voice that calms the mother into breathing life back into an infant's body.
Be the friend to those on the edge of taking their own life.
Be the hope to the child or spouse scared by the violence in their own home.
Be the comfort to the family that has lost everything to a fire in the night.
Be the answer to a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic desperately calling for help.
Be the ear that hears the needs of all those you serve.

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Pike County Communications District is an independent agency responsible for maintaining an emergency communications system, primarily by receiving emergency calls for assistance from the citizens and visitors to Pike County, AL. Public safety communications is a fast paced and quickly evolving field. We do more than just answer the phone, we serve as the vital link between the public and responders. Always ready to answer the call, at every hour of every day so the public can live their lives in safety and security knowing that help is only a phone call away (or a text message, app push, automated alarm, etc.) We've come along way since the first 911 call in 1968, with over 50 years of experience we use science and technology to perfect the art of communications. Technicians are sent large streams of data with every request and must process everything they see and hear through computer databases and up to date maps to ensure that we provide the best service humanly possible to someone that may be experiencing the worst day of their life.

By choosing apply now, below, you'll be taken to our application. We will be maintaining a list of eligible candidates and when the next opportunity becomes available we'll reach out and speak with you. We're always hiring for technicians, which is the primary position here at 911, to which all other positions exist to support. Job description are also linked below. Please review the description carefully for any position you intend to apply.

Pay and Benefits
The pay-scale is linked below with job descriptions. Technicians are generally hired as trainees receiving pay of Grade 1, Step 1. Upon the completion of training within 3-6 months the trainee should receive a grade promotion to Step 2. And, at the completion of the first year, if all requirements are met, the technician should receive a grade and step raise to be at Grade 3, Step 2. Step increases are available for education and experience on a case by case basis.

Full time employees are eligible to enroll in the local government health insurance plan free of charge to themselves and with a significantly subsidized premium for family coverage. Vision and dental insurance are also available. All full time employees receive enrollment in the state retirement system with tier 1 benefits. Full time employees also benefit from 84 hours of vacation leave, 112 hours of holiday leave, and 80 hours of uncapped sick leave. Employees that work overtime are eligible for compensatory time off instead of overtime pay if they so choose.

Email or call our office at 334-670-6600

Job Description
Public Safety Communications Technician
Public Safety Communications Watch Commander

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Pike County Communications District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basic of race, color, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, veteran's status, gender, or sexual orientation.