Smart911 Success Stories

8/10/17 ATHENS, Ala. - It has been about three years now since the Limestone County Alabama 911 Board invested in the Smart 911 software for their system. Smart 911 allows residents to plan for an emergency by providing dispatchers with critical information before the emergency happens. And just recently, it paid off.

Brian Burrus and his wife visited the Limestone County 911 Center Thursday afternoon to say thank you. “I started having seizures in 2012,” Brian explained. Earlier this month he suffered a bad seizure while at home alone. It was several hours before he could get to his phone to call for help, and even then, he could barely talk. “But I managed to hold the button down to get 911."

Brian's wife had signed them up for Smart 911 about a month earlier. Had she not, protocol would have required a police officer to respond first. Only then, after the officer determined it was a medical emergency, would EMS have been dispatched to the scene. It could have amounted to a difference of 20 minutes, or more. And it could have made the difference between life and death.